Analyzing myself as a student, I can see that everyone has certain qualities, personalities and characteristic that influences’ one’s decisions. We need to be able to recognize not only our strengths but also, more importantly, our weaknesses. I found out that I have more strength then weaknesses but sometimes I believe that my weakness makes me having bad decisions because I allow my weaknesses to take control even though I know I have many good qualities. My biggest weakness is time management, I am a good student when I am focused and make good use of my time. I priorities wrong duties or situations, I pay attention to wrong/ unimportant duties. My strengths at work or as a student are I am able to follow directions without being reminded to repeat that same task. I am a quick learner, been a person who learners quickly have helped me out a lot especially, within music, learner music notes, the pitch, melody, harmony and chord and rhythm can be very difficult for some people, but I pay full attention and focus so it has helped me to learn quickly. Not only with music as a student but I am a hard working individual and enjoy helping others. While at work, I am a team player and I do my best at completing the job correctly every time. These strengths and weakness help define who we are and our individualities, as time goes by I learn more about me, I find out more about my abilities and how I can nurture myself.