I know without a doubt,the attribute that aids me the most in my professional career is my faith on never being afraid of struggling .The willingness to fight no matter the odds,despite the uncertainty of what the outcome might be.

The professional world tends to focus on the material, perhaps rightly so,but as we all know in its core money is nothing but a piece of paper,something that can be torn in half with minimal effort or be blown away with the slightest gust of wind.I prefer to focus on the spiritual gains that my work might bring me,how it might help grow.I have had a few jobs where I want necessarily making a lot of money but stuck to it because of what it added to the experiences that I had already gained.I realized how much precious time I had been wasting,how the constant pursuit of money was blocked creativity,confidence and sense of adventure.This realization lets me see things in a different light, I started pursuing things I was really interested in and I realized how much this thrilled me.
I realized that everything,and anything,that blocks our imagination I an attack on the very concepts of freedom and creativity.this is how I started moving towards music and sound.I believe these experience will help me on this path because I’m certain that I will see it through to the end.