I read once that ” Sound ” is one of humanity most vital components. Through out history,as the years have passed,we have continued to question our existence and our search for a comforting answer.

We first resorted to scripture,however there are examples of mankind resorting to music or even singular sound to sum up periods ranging from millions of years to just a few dozen,a primary example of this is the “aum” sound found in Hinduism.It is also known first sound of humankind.

In my pursuit of ” meaning ” and with the backing of my family I enrolled in the history of art course at the University of Kocaeli in Turkey. One day,the University held a conference titled “universal music”. During that conference, as the musicians performed on stage, as the Iranians played the Kamancha accompanied by Americans Saxophone,as Israeli and Palestinian musicians shared the same stage,I realized that what was forming on that stage held more power than any government on the face of Earth, that music is one of the greatest forms of expression,of freedom,peace and serenity, that it was so powerful that it did not even need any words to do all this , just SOUND. I realized that day that i needed to be part of this power.I had found my calling, a path to spread happiness for myself and others, a field where i could push myself to my limits. I started pursuing various types of audio related jobs,including stints at the Afyonkarahisar Modern Classical Music and Jazz Festival,The Kasdav high school music competition in Istanbul among the other smaller jobs.

I am confident that one day that i will open my own studio if the circumstances are permitting,spread the spirit of music in Turkey from university concert halls back out into the streets. We have a rich musical culture,and perhaps we need to be reminded of that passion of ours,especially during these dark days. All we need is sound to stick together.